1. shitjimmyshoots:

    anna and i

    nj, 2014

  2. shitjimmyshoots:

    Anna F

    -Jimmy O’Donnell (NJ 2014)

  3. shitjimmyshoots:

    Anna F

    -Jimmy O’Donnell (NJ 2014)


  5. Anonymous said: how would you respond in a professional manner if someone says that you are objectifying women?

    That if thats how they perceive what I do than I can’t change their mind. I take photographs of everything I find beautiful in life and one of those things will always be women. If they’re actually curious they can contact literally any single one of the people I have photographed and ask if they felt like I objectified them. 


  6. Anonymous said: how does your girl feel about you shooting women (nude, half nude, lingerie)?

    Probably the same way I feel about her modeling in those same manners for other photographers. Proud, supportive, and just happy to be with such a talented and beautiful person.


  7. Anonymous said: Anna is beautiful. You guys look so good together

    She’s gorgeous so it equals out my ugliness. 


  8. jenasawyer said: You and anna are the damn cutest, happy for you bud.

    Thanks Jena, miss you! 

  9. Anna F

    -Jimmy O’Donnell (NJ 2014)

  10. Anna F

    -Jimmy O’Donnell (NJ 2014)