1. Anonymous said: So when is the workshop?


  2. Today was nice

  3. ewitsrobert:

    Sunday fun days @shitjimmyshoots


  4. When someone tells you they hate you, you just can never look at them the same again, no matter what they say to take it back. It’s weird.


  5. gleeson666:

    when all the hard times outweigh the good, and all your words are misunderstood. when the day seems lost from the stars, you must follow your heart


  6. everywarhasanend said: can't stop scrolling your photo stream. you've inspired me to get some film & pick my nikon SLR back up, thank you



  7. Anonymous said: What do the tattoos on the back of your neck signify?



  8. Anonymous said: Thoughts on 120mm film?

    Awesome stuff, just not as easy/cheap to work with

  9. Missing a week in the gym then getting back into your normal routine sucks. So sore and I couldnt even workout hard. Need to get my life, health, and sleep schedule back on track.

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  10. Random Facts about me:

    - I know life isn’t fair
    - I’m terrible with relationships
    - I don’t want to waste anyones time
    - I don’t want to waste my own time
    - I won’t ever let anyone restrict me from my full potential
    - I won’t ever let myself restrict anyone else from their full potential
    - I just need to be alone some times
    - I just need to be held sometimes
    - I don’t know what I want
    - I know what I don’t want

    Sweet dreams

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