1. Anonymous said: You are seriously the biggest ass I've ever seen. How in the world can you judge somebody else's photography of which you've probably never even seen? Grow up.

    Calls me “the biggest they’ve ever seen” but has never met me in real life. What else is new.


  2. Anonymous said: Don't be a bitch to people who admire you, that's how cockstars are born.


  3. #fuckjimmyoh

  4. Shoutouts to kids I went to highschool with who hate me because I’m doing what I love lol.


  5. Desperately need more beautiful people to photograph tbh hmu thnx


  6. Anonymous said: how does your girlfriend feel about you shooting and being around all these models? especially when they're nude/nude-ish

    I don’t have a girlfriend. I have my cats and my camera and a bunch of awesome friends. 

  7. As much as I ever could 

    Sara M (Philadelphia, 2014)

    -Jimmy O’Donnell


  8. thirdseason said: Just make another Tumblr and buy a domain. Its super easy!

    I need an intern for this shit, fuck. 

  9. I’m constantly changing from calm to ill

    - Jimmy O’Donnell (Philadelphia, 2014) 


  10. Anonymous said: Post more pics of Jenna

    Still need to release my full set from my west coast trip. Its going to be like 120 photos and I need to make a website or something to post them all.