1. Anonymous said: i need to see more of your subject 'hannah' ... best photos from you i've seen and the most interesting model you've got. are there more? will they come?


  2. We picked up a new RDX today. Funny thing is it isn’t much slower than the nsx and ten times more comfy. Love it.

  3. Fridays

  4. TGIF

  5. Feelin good livin better


  6. Anonymous said: Do you shoot on autofocus?

    Depends what I’m shooting


  8. Anonymous said: You asked yourself that question and you know it. What would we ever do if we didn't know you didn't had an Instagram. World is over. Omg

    You aren’t very good at detecting sarcasm are you


  9. Anonymous said: your last post on Instagram was very interesting, would you go more into detail on it?

    I don’t have an Instagram.


  10. Anonymous said: Would you ever date someone that smokes cigarettes?

    This is an interesting question actually and my thoughts upon this have been all over the place. Ultimately I would have to say no. After watching my father die slowly from lung cancer when he wasn’t even a smoker was so fucking painful that I don’t think I could ever watch it happen to another person I love. I don’t have anything against anyone who smokes or drinks or does drugs, everyone had their own ways to cope with the stresses of life. Anyways.